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  • Industry Expertise: Learn from professionals with real-world 3D printing experience.

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Expert Tips: Receiving Packages Safely


You have just placed an order on our website and are quietly waiting for your package. Do you know what to do when receiving your order?

You should know that as soon as you accept a package by signing the delivery slip, you take possession of the item and the risk of loss or damage is transferred to us. Therefore, it is important not to sign the delivery note before having checked the contents of the package(s) and the condition of the product(s).

To avoid any dispute, we invite you to always check your package in the presence of the delivery person!


All delivery drivers are required to remain present while you check the status of your items. Even if the delivery person is in a hurry and is reluctant to let you check your package, insist and carry out these checks. It is better to refuse a package rather than accept it without checking its contents.

If the carrier does not wish to stay for the duration of the inspection, it is imperative to write on the discharge document: “The carrier did not stay to inspect the goods.

Remember that it is your duty to make all possible checks and controls. You must mention written reservations in article L. 133-1 of the commercial code.

Article L.133-1 of the Commercial Code

"We remind you that the recipient is required to check and control, in the presence of the driver, the goods delivered to him."

"In the case of damage or a missing package, the recipient must mention written and complete reservations on the delivery receipt. Under no circumstances accept a package in poor condition, repackaged, surrounded by adhesive, too light or which may have been opened during transport without having first checked the contents.

Under no circumstances accept a package that is in poor condition, repackaged, surrounded by adhesive, too light or that has been opened during transport without having first checked the contents.

Before signing the delivery note

  1. Carry out a quick inspection of the condition of the merchandise.
  2. Check that the delivery note corresponds to the products delivered (nature of the goods, quantity, etc.)
  3. Check that the delivered goods correspond to the order placed (nature of products, quantity, etc.).
  4. Once these steps have been completed, if you judge that the condition of the goods does not suit you, you can refuse delivery by making very specific reservations as explained below.

Damaged or missing product: reservations to make

After opening your package, you have noticed a damaged product or a missing product in your order: reservations must be made with the carrier so that the necessary steps can be taken to return the product(s) concerned.

- If one or more products are missing from your order, you can choose whether or not to keep your package if you wish to use other references while waiting to receive the missing one, for example. You must then indicate whether the package has been opened or not (it may have a slight hole in one place for example: this must be specified) and explain what product(s) are missing by indicating its reference(s). ) and the manufacturer's brand if you know it and contact us so that we can do what is necessary!

- If the package is not in perfect condition: specify as much as possible the type of damage. Is the product broken, dented, scratched and where? Also explain if the box is damaged, if it has been opened, if it is not properly closed, etc.



  1. Damaged package
  2. x cm hole
  3. Reconditioned package
  4. Package restocked with carrier-colored adhesive

The statement "subject to unpacking" is not valid in the event of a complaint: describe precisely what you observed and take photos of your package (if possible before opening) from all angles. 
- If the package is very damaged, refuse the package!

By respecting these few simple rules, you will certainly avoid your delivery resulting in a dispute.

If, despite all these precautions, you notice an anomaly once delivery has been made, contact us without delay.

Inadmissible reservations

Here are examples of reservations that are deemed inadmissible by carriers:

  1. “Refused package” (it is not explained why the product is refused)
  2. “Open package” (we do not know if any products are missing or not and if so which ones).
  3. “Missing X items” (without the reference of the product(s) in question, this reservation is considered incomplete by the carriers).
  4. “In poor condition” (the damaged product and the type of damage are missing).
  5. “Depressed sheet metal” (the damaged product reference is missing).

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